Board Members

Ms. Sushma Rawat, Chairman and Director of OTBL

OTBL Chairman and Director Sushma Rawat

Ms. Sushma Rawat, Chairman and Director of OTBL, is the Director (Exploration) of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) and on Board of ONGC Tripura Power Company Limited; she had been on the Board of ONGC Petro Additions Ltd.

She takes over the reins of Nation's top Exploration position in the flagship NOC E&P Company.

An industry veteran with over 33 years’ experience and Exploration Manager par excellence with diverse professional and industry expertise, she brings with her a richness and diversity of perspectives that will benefit the organization in its exploration strategies.
A Post-Graduate in Geology, she has an "International Certificate Program in Business Management" course at ASCI, Hyderabad and at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (FELU), Slovenia, in 2014, under the aegis of DPE.

She started her career as GT in ONGC as an operations geologist at Cauvery Basin in 1989. After stints at KDMIPE Dehradun followed by Kerala-Konkan Basin in Mumbai, she again joined KDMIPE in 2013 and under her dynamic leadership, Basin scale 3D-Petroleum Systems Modelling of 11 Basins was carried out.

As Basin Manager of A&AA Basin, her dynamic efforts earned praise for induction of several new technologies and resolution of various long-pending issues like exploration in DAB areas, simplification of Forest clearance and LAQ process. Realizing the significance of industry academia collaboration, her initiatives resulted in MOUs being signed with North East Hill University NEHU, Shillong and CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat, to carry out collaborative projects under strategic alliances.

Ms. Rawat, as an integral part of Government of India’s initiative for appraising the un-appraised basins of the country and bringing new areas in exploration fold, headed the MDT team for Resource reassessment of Mumbai Offshore Basin. Ms. Rawat was the Lead member of the ONGC team for identifying and assessing of new areas in Cat-I, Cat-II and Cat-III basins of the country and was also the Nodal person for working out the requirement & techno-financial details of parametric wells and planning of NSP lines in all Lesser Explored Basins (Cat-II & III) and un-probed areas of Cat-I basins of India. Her Work-flow for PFA (Play Fairway Analysis) based on 3D BPSM studies became a template & standard Work-Flow for subsequent PFAs done in ONGC.

She has published a number of technical papers in national and international forums which includes technical presentations made in EAGE & SEG platforms abroad Her visionary work on “Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Benchmarking of R&D Projects in an Integrated National Oil Company", presented at ASCI Hyderabad and “Process & Parameters - Driver for Furtherance of Exploration Investment” presented at FIPI R&D Conclave-2019 were widely acclaimed by the E&P fraternity.

An avid geologist, she participated in and organized numerous Geological Field workshops on Modern Deltas in Kakinada, Cretaceous of Trichinapalli, Jurassic of Kutch, Triassic of Spiti, Himalayan Foreland basin around Mussoorie-Dehradun and Karakoram-Zanskar around Leh. She has been actively associated as a founding member of various geotechnical societies along with organizing International G&G Conferences like PETROTECH and GEO-India.

Considering ONGC’s Exploration thrust for bringing up more Category II and III basins to the Hydrocarbon Map of India, the exploration fraternity of ONGC is looking up to her valuable stewardship in the domain of Data-driven decision optimization in oil and gas value chain.

Dr. Banwari Lal, Managing Director, OTBL

Dr. Banwari Lal, Managing Director, OTBL

Dr. Banwari Lal assumes the charges as Director of the Company on 26.03.2007 and currently designated as Managing Director (MD), ONGC TERI Biotech Ltd (OTBL) which is a Public Limited joint venture of ONGC and TERI with equity of 49.98% and 48.02% respectively, remaining 2% equity holding by five individuals.

Dr Banwari Lal did PhD from University of Rajasthan Jaipur in 1987. He is adjunct Faculty member in Teri School of Advance Studies and 15 students obtained their PhD degree under supervision of Dr Banwari Lal from Teri SAS. He also served as visiting Professor in 2005 in Department of Microbiology, School of Medical Sciences in Stanford University California USA.

His area of interest is in Industrial Microbiology especially in Petroleum Industry and obtained 10 National and International (USA) patents. He has developed four technologies namely “Oilzapper (for bioremediation of oil spill sites), “Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery” and “Prevention of paraffin deposition in oil well tubing and crude oil flow assurance in oil pipelines”. All the four technologies are patented and commercialized. He has published 100 research papers in peer reviewed impact factor journals, 2 books and many book chapters. Citation of his research papers is 9028, h-index is 40 and i10-index is 175.

He has been bestowed with many national and international competitive awards for development of above technologies viz., Tata Innovation Fellowship Award in 2010 by DBT; Petro Fed Innovator of the Year -Team Award in 2009 by Mo PNG; Biotech Product & Development award in 2008 by DBT; National Research Development Corporation Award in 2005 by DST; National Bioscience Award for Career Development in 2004 by DBT; Biotech Product & Process Development in 2002 by DBT; All India Biotech Association award in 2001 by All India Biotech Association.

He has 8 patents and published 73 research papers in high rated international journals. He is a member of Member, Scientific Panel on food additives, flavourings, processing aids and materials in contact in with food, of the Food Authority of India. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and also a Member of the Board of ONGC TERI Biotech Ltd.

Dr. Dipankar Saharia, Director, OTBL

Dr. Dipankar Saharia, Senior Director- Administrative Services and Regional Centres, TERI

Dr. Dipankar Saharia heads TERI’s Administrative Services Division, TERI's Regional Centres and guides a few other Divisions; earlier he was heading TERI’s North-Eastern Regional Centre. He was with the Government of Assam as an officer of the Assam Civil Services. He held the positions of Assistant Commissioner and later Officer on Special Duty at the Personnel Department and Science & Technology Department, Government of Assam from 1997 to 2009 and was also on deputation to TERI. Dr Saharia also worked with TERI from 1995 to 1996 for the Tissue Culture Pilot Project (now MTP) before joining Assam Civil Service.

Dr. Saharia has a Masters in Science and Ph.D. from Gauhati University. His expertise lies in the areas of biotechnology, natural resource management and rural development where he has undertaken several projects and studies in the fields of watershed management, Micropropagation, Renewable Energy and biofuels. He has been the PI of several mission mode projects for the north-eastern region, including the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Mission for Quality Planting Material Production and Utilization for the North East, DBT's Jatropha Micro Mission, DNA Club (DBT’s Natural Resource Awareness Programme Club) in Northeastern Region and Mini Mission I under Horticulture Mission, ICAR.

Shri Om Prakash Sinha, Head-IRS, ONGC

Shri Om Prakash Sinha, Head-IRS, ONGC

Mr O P Sinha is a B.Tech (Petroleum Engineering) graduate from ISM Dhanbad. With more than 34 years of experience in ONGC in various facets of E&P activities, he has worked in Exploration, Field Development and Reservoir Management domains in various capacities. He has excelled in many aspects of Reservoir Engineering, from Seismic to Simulation and execution of field development schemes. He has been instrumental in reservoir management of onshore and offshore fields, formulation of IOR schemes, screening/implementation of EOR processes and reservoir simulation studies. Presently he is Head of Institute of Reservoir Studies, an in house Institute of ONGC at Ahmedabad, dedicated for designing IOR/EOR Programmes for fields of ONGC. He has been pursuing in expanding EOR application in ONGC Fields. In present changing energy-mix scenario he is also playing pivotal role in conceptualizing projects on Carbon capture utilization and Storage (CCUS/CCS) for carbon emission abatement to reach Net-Zero targets.