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    Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
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The technology offered by OTBL is highly specialized and patented. It all began about a decade ago. TERI, a leader in the field of bio-remediation and has been giving services to ONGC. TERI also had a group of young scientists working in microbiology. On the other hand IRS, ONGC has always been on the forefront of cutting edge research on EOR. In the literature there were stray reports about the potential of microbial methods in enhancing recovery. IRS also had a microbial laboratory. The lab was mainly engaged in finding appropriate bactericides for the injection water treatment. Through interaction the enthusiastic scientists from two sides sensed an opportunity for a promising collaborative research area. Thus, a long success story of collaboration between ONGC and TERI began! OTBL is the culmination of those efforts. From laboratory, to pilot to successful field application has been the progress of Microbial Enhanced recovery so far. Through similar steps but in much faster way the Wax Deposition Prevention treatment of the oil field tubular also has been developed.

ONGC and TERI share the rights of these patents and have graciously agreed to permit OTBL use the technology and the patents exclusively. OTBL has a unique, vantage position in the lucrative oil industry with a proprietary technology. The current high oil price regime and the increasing demand for oil world over have generated great demand for these production enhancing technologies. OTBL is the culmination of those efforts.


MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) Technology

TERI and IRS, ONGC have jointly cultured a set of microbes that could survive temperatures as high as 90ºC, air pressure up to 140 kilograms persquare centimeter

WDP (Wax Deposition Prevention) / PDB(Paraffin Deposition Bacteria)

Oil well tubing and surface pipelines for the prevention and treatment of wax deposition in oil wells. Paraffin depositions cause a loss of billions of dollars per year worldwide.

Oilzapper (Bioremediation) Technology

for the bioremediation of oil contaminated sites, oily sludge and drill cuttings. After seven years of extensive research work TERI developed an easy.

Technologies and services offered by the OTBL to oil industries

• 'OILZAPPER' (a microbial product to eliminate oil spill and manage oily sludge)
• Microbial-enhanced oil recovery
• Prevention of paraffin deposition in oil well tubing

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Oilzapper Film

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Agreement signing between OTBL and ONGC

Oil Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) signed 10 years Agreement with ONGC TERI Biotech Limited (OTBL)
on 8th May 2019 for providing Bioremediation, MEOR, WDP, PDB services.

Agreement signing between OTBL and ONGC

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