Ongoing Projects

  Bioremediation of Oily sludge & Contaminated Soil
588.60 MT. AT ONGC Ankleshwar Asset
30979 MT. at ONGC Mehsana Asset
60227 MT. at ONGC Ahmedabad Asset
500 MT. at ONGC Agartala, Tripura
3200 MT. at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd
4500 MT. at Oil India Ltd, Duliajan, Assam
11848 MT at Insitu ONGC Mehsana Asset
2500 MT at CTF Ankleshwar in ONGC Ankleshwar Asset, Gujarat
9387 MT at CPF, Gandhar, in ONGC Ankleshwar Asset, Gujarat
9000 MT at various production pits (Ex-situ)of Oil India Ltd., Duliajan, Assam
7445 MT at CTF, Area-III & Area-IV, North Gandhar in ONGC Ankleshwar Asset
  1750 MT at Numaligarh Refinery Limited- Numaligarh
  Over -Seas Projects
Bioremediation of oily sludge 15000 MT at Masila Petroleum Exploration and Production Company-Yemen.
  Wax Deposition Prevention (WDP) / Paraffin Degrading Bacterial (PDB)
Paraffin Degrading Bacterial (PDB) job in 19 wells at ONGC, Ankleshwar Asset.
Paraffin Degrading Bacterial (PDB) Job in 50 wells at ONGC, Ahmedabad Asset
Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery ( MeOR) Job in 10 wells at ONGC Ankleswar Asset